Marionberry Kush

Raspberry Kush x Space Queen (60/40 Ind/Sat)

Unlike any other, our Marionberry Kush is extraordinary in flavor, effects, and aroma. With a sweet sensational berry pie scent that fills the room accompanied by faint fruity, crisp, and an almost sour smell. This strain provides a diverse range of effects and drives your senses mad while packing powerful pain and stress relief and allowing the mind the mind to stay focused without a harsh drop off. Marionberry kush is one of our personal favorites. 

Blue Cheese

Blueberry x UK Cheese (80/20 Ind/Sat)

This 80-20 indica-dominant strain has a very pungent cheese and skunk aroma with faint sweet scents of pine. However, don’t let that fool you, this strain packs a stress relieving high-five and takes the weight of the world off of your shoulders. One toke of Blue Cheese and not only are you melting away but so are your problems. 

Frost Giant

Blue Dream (70/30 Sat/Ind)

This 70/30 sativa is one of the best on the market with amazing creative and euphoric effects that will have you combining random items in the grocery store, taking a walk, laughing, and enjoying life because it feels good. This strain is phenomenal for mood enhancement, relaxation, and relieving stress; what can’t Frost Giant do?


(55/45 Ind/Sat)

A 55/45 hybrid cross that delights the senses through fruity, sweet aromas that are sure to brighten the day. An overall euphoric and happy experience that ignites the palate through a unique bubblegum flavor that’s sure to energize the mood.


(Colombian x Mexican) x (Thai x Afghani) 65/35 Sat/Ind

Hidden deep in the hills, lurking amongst bigfoot emerges Ak-47. This sweet, earthy, and delightfully creative and socially interactive sativa-dominant strain provides an energetic nature with a relaxing and smooth come down. Ak-47, it’s what you’ve been searching for.

Go Time

Norton x JOG Kush (60/40 Sat/Ind)

Go time is show time! This 60/40 sativa-dominant is an all-around feel good, pain relieving, mood elevating strain that should win an award. Exceptional quality with bright green and orange sticky buds that release a very sweet and intoxicating aroma. Taking after it’s name, this is by far one of our “go to” strains. 


Jedi Kush x Black Cherry Soda (70/30 Sat/Ind)

A 70/30 sativa-dominant has been crossed with Jedi Kush and Black Cherry Soda that releases a pungent skunky diesel aroma. The experience is euphoric and a little zippy, so be prepared to get things done. If you like being clear minded and having heavy eye lids, HD is the strain for you.


Fudo Myo-o x 9lb Hammer (60/40 Sat/Ind)

Known for a 60/40 sativa-dominant cross that hits much harder on the indica spectrum. This strain quiets the mind and enhances your mood while fully sedating the body. A mighty persuasive experience that lingers through skunky sweet aromas that one wishes to indulge in and eventually fade out.


Harlequin x Jack The Ripper

Clear head with a slow onset body and an immediate sense of well being.  The analgesic and relaxing properties of the CBD rich Harlequin mother come through nicely and the invigorating pep you get from the JTR high makes this an amazing all day smoke for with real medicinal value.

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