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Our Grow

Thank you for choosing Sasquatch Cannabis Company. From seed to flower our growing techniques are to keep things as clean and as natural as possible. Our plants grow in Hybrid greenhouses to utilize the sun and are offered energy efficient LED's for supplemental lighting. Each plant is nestled in raised beds that are filled with our own hand mixed soil composed of compost, insect frass, worm castings, mycorrhizae and peat moss. The nutrients we feed our plants are locally sourced by Dominion Organics which are made from materials containing a proprietary blend of multiple plant extracts, seaweed, and natural complex vitamins and minerals. We continue our "less is more" policy with the way we use pesticides. As you know Washington is humid and filled with good and bad pests, but our philosophy stands true. We use only preventative measures and brands that make sure our products are safe for consumption and will not hinder the plants from finishing naturally with their own beautiful aromas and characteristics. This way we continue to enjoy these products the way it was meant to be. 


Below is a list of our Certified Pesticides for

customer information.

The items on this list are used on a regimented schedule only during vegetation cycles and not during the flowering cycles.

Some items may no longer be in use, but have been used on previous products that are still in stores.

Flying Skull - Nuke'em **OMRI Certified

Regailia CG **OMRI Certified

Grandevo CG **OMRI Cirtified

PFR-97 20% WDG **OMRI Certified

Terra Neem EC **OMRI Certified 

*Clonex Solution **OMRI Certified

*Clonex Rooting Gel


*This not a pesticide but the LCB requires us to list these products with our pesticides.

** Organic Materials Review Institute

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